Founded in 1956, Telu Ram Vijay Kumar is headquartered in Ambala Cantt (Haryana) and has sister firms as Swastika Timber Traders, Ambala Cantt (Haryana) and Swastika Timber Traders, Gandhidham (Gujarat). During its early days, the firm primarily distributed Indian hardwood and softwood procured from Himachal Pradesh and Jammu &Kashmir states of India. Within a decade of its inception, the firm gained a significant customer base and ranked among the top timber wholesalers and distributors in the north Indian region.

In 1965, Shri Vijay Kumar Singla, completed his education and started operating as a smal timber retailer in Ambala Cantt (Haryana). During this time, the lumber was sawn mostly ni Himachal and Jammu & Kashmir, and the logs were transported from the interiors of the jungles by elephants to the river shore. They were tied together and dropped in the river streams only to be collected in the valley. The logs were rai dried, debarked and sawn into desirable sizes at the sawmills in the valley. These timber pieces were then transported by road or rail to a regional distributor, who sold them to the wholesaler, and the wholesaler to the retailer before the consumer purchased it. Within the next 2 decades, through his hard work and dedication, he brought this vision to reality and emerged as the single player who owned key pieces of the supply chain and expanded product range including CP Teak and Assam Teak along with hardwood and softwood and Shisham wood, thereby changing the way this business was done. In his leadership, his firm increased 5-6 times in size.

By 1985, Mr. Amit Kumar Singla, son of Shri Vijay Kumar Singla started a firm under his own proprietorship named Swastika Timber Traders. By mid 90s for him sky was the limit but he then faced one of the biggest business challenges when the government of India imposed restrictions on cutting timber within the country. The government's decision was the right step for our country and was probably the only alternative to save the country's rich forests, but it seriously impacted the business as Cutting of Assam Teak was banned. The firm had made large capital investments in these past 2 decades and needed to steer through this business challenge carefully. Since then, the firm has expanded its import operations to al the major lumber markets of the world and at the same time has grown its operations domestically. In the past few years, Swastika Timber Traders has evolved as a regional leader in the north Indian market and is now expanding operations all over the country.

Mr. Amit Kumar Singla researched the import laws and worked with the banks. His efforts opened new channels of procurement, through international trade. In the coming years, he introduced many types of lumber to the north Indian market. Swastika Timber Traders headquartered in Ambala (Haryana) primarily imports lumber from Africa and South America. Today, All the sisters concerns have grown 10 fold from their early inception into a regional powerhouse. In the recent past, the firm also opened branch office in Gandhidham (Gujarat). The firm within its owner together has over 56 years of experience in timber trade and imports. Swastika Timber Traders prides itself with the quality of lumber and the relations made with its partner suppliers from around the world.

Mrs. Sapna Singla, wife of Mr.Amit Kumar Singla, joined the family business in 2022, marking another significant chapter in the legacy of SAS Group of Companies. Her dedication and contributions have been instrumental in the continued growth and success of the business. Mrs. Sapna Singla plays a multifaceted role, providing invaluable support to both the business and the family. She has taken on the responsibilities of overseeing and recruiting staff, handling complex payroll tasks, Customer Relations and managing various aspects of the business operations. Her unwavering commitment to excellence and her ability to take on diverse management roles have made her an integral part of the team. As the business expands its operations across the world, Mrs. Sapna Singla's role becomes even more crucial in maintaining the high standards set by the family, ensuring that the legacy of excellence continues to thrive.

Continuing the legacy of excellence and innovation set by their father, Mr.Abhishek Singla and Mr. Abhinav Singla embarked on an exciting journey to expand the family business even further.

Mr.Abhishek Singla with a Master's degree from the prestigious University of Manchester under his belt brought a fresh perspective and a wealth of knowledge to the family business when he joined in 2018. Recognising the evolving demands of the construction and interior design industries, Abhishek saw an opportunity to diversify the product range.

Under Mr. Amit Kumar Singla supervision and Mr.Abhishek's leadership, the company ventured into the world of High-Density Super Moisture Resistance (HDSMRTM) boards. These boards, renowned for their exceptional strength and durability, have found a niche in the market for applications requiring robust structural support. Whether it's for construction projects or the creation of custom furniture pieces, HDSMR boards from Mokukraft have become synonymous with reliability and quality. Mr. Abhishek Singla's commitment to sustainability led to the introduction of eco-friendly HDSMR boards, made from responsibly sourced materials and manufactured with minimal environmental impact. This move not only aligns with global trends but also demonstrates the family's dedication to preserving naturalresources.

The latest addition to the Legacy, Mr.Abhinav Singla, joined the ranks in 2022, bringing a fresh perspective and youthful enthusiasm. Building on the success of HDSMR boards, Mr.Abhinav sought to further diversify the product portfolio to meet the demands of a rapidly changing market.

Recognising the enduring popularity of MDF boards and Teak Plywood, SAS group focused on enhancing these product lines. SAS Group introduced innovative designs and finishes that cater to the ever-evolving tastes of wholesalers, retailers, interior designers, architects, and homeowners. SAS Group under young stewardship now offers a stunning array of HDSMR & MDF boards that seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality. These boards have become a staple inhigh- end interior projects, known for their versatility and timeless elegance.

Additionally, they expanded the Teak Plywood range, emphasising the natural beauty and durability of teak wood. The Teak Plywood collection has become a symbol of luxury and sophistication, sought after by those who appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into each panel.

All together Mr. Amit Kumar Singla, Mrs. Sapna Singla, Mr.Abhishek Singla and Mr. Abhinav Singla have diversified SAS Group product offerings, solidifying its reputation as a one-stop destination for premium building and interior materials. Their dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability ensures that the company remains at the forefront of the timber and construction industry, offering products that inspire architects, designers, and builders alike. With a rich history spanning decades and a bright future ahead, SAS Group of Companies continues to be a name synonymous with excellence in the world of timber and building materials.